Julia Lee L Hong / Galerie Ismad



Red letters under construction. 05/2017

Present_ Nightlight / Wild water work / Studio assistant / Tragedy / Worker / Slept and sung / Egg, kale, and flower / In his room, a tapestry / Like hair, like fingers / Night for the lake / A five-minute term / M in Berlin / A triangular spiral / Hole / Here, in the Sun's air / Prism (from St. Francis to Julia) / Necks / OK / Butterflies see / Last week during studio clearance, 2014 / As boy awoke to tell (in the feel of spring) / A gallery talk: love as dictated / Poetry reading / A thorn that is pink and round / Neck arrangement / Lac rose / Blue hole, pink lake / One day, the Afghan / A bookcase for biographies, left unfinished / Maria: How I've come to grow the lilac tree by touch and why it has become the only lilac tree I remember to this day / Eleven days in May, Heaven / Ode to smoked salmon benedict / Debussy, happy / Milk baby / From one late afternoon in October 2011



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